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HI! WELCOME TO MY LITTLE SPACE ON THE INTERNET.  MY NAME IS TAYLOR, I AM 21 YEARS OLD, AND IM A TUMBLER ARTIST.  I WAS BORN IN UPSTATE NEW YORK, (and i'm not talking suburbs, i'm talking middle of nowhere, next to a cow kinda upstate)  AND THATS WHERE I AM NOW!  ART HAS ALWAYS COME NATURALLY TO ME, EVER SINCE I Was a child.  Both of my parents are small business owners, so i guess entrepreneurship runs through my blood.  it wasn't until recently when i started experimenting with epoxy resin, and soon with tumblers.  believe it or not, i hated my first tumbler and swore i'd never make another! and well.....i obviously didn't keep my word.



My mission is to create high quality stainless steel tumblers, that you are proud to show off!  I think it is so important to bring artistry and creativity into everyday life, while also being practical.  My favorite thing is a customers reaction once they receive their tumbler.  Each individual tumbler takes 3-7 days to complete, depending on the complexity of the design.  Just know that when you receive your tumbler, you are receiving my creativity, my eye for color, and my time.  You are also supporting a girls dream, small business, and my two cats!


My vision for this brand is to keep growing, keep learning, and keep slingin' cups!  I want to be an example for other young entrepreneurs that you CAN do it, and not to be afraid.  The unknown is scary, theres no doubting that.  But growing up with parents who each own their own small business, I was taught that if you work hard, anything is possible!  I would love to one day have a physical location to sell my cups, and I know you guys would love that too! So, buckle up, I can't wait to take you on this crazy ride with me!